6th December 2021 

When we first meet

At our initial session we will discuss whatever past or present issues have brought you into therapy and how the process is likely to work. We also talk about contractual details such as fees, making and cancelling appointments, confidentiality and other relevant matters.

We will also look at your relationships, family history and any past traumas or deficits in order to help decide how these may impact your current situation. As with other therapists and counsellors at Reframe, I ensure that my work offers empathy and understanding, is non-judgmental and is conducted in an environment which is safe, secure and entirely confidential.

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I prize the relationship between myself and my clients, providing help with issues such as:

• Anxiety/depression
• Work-related stress
• Loss of confidence
• Career/work-life balance
• Relationship problems
• Sexual health
• Addiction
• LGBT matters
• Bereavement and loss

My broad experience with HIV clients means that I am also able to offer psychotherapy, in strictest confidence, to those with HIV and/or their relatives, loved ones or friends. Fear of being met with stigma or a judgmental response from others can lead to isolation, confusion, depression or low self-esteem. Areas of special interest and expertise include:

• Disclosure
• Fears and insecurities of the newly-diagnosed
• Compliance problems with medication
• Difficulties arising for positive-negative couples